Live Song Lists
A`Z  @ȁ@@@ŽFr[gY@ԎF\  Ao
 A  Across the universe Let it be 
   All you need is love  Mgical mistery tour 
   And I love her Magical mistery tour 
   And your bird can sing  Revolver 
   Any time at all  A hard days night 
   A day in the life  Sgt. pepper's 
   All those years ago(G)  Somewhere in England 
   All things must pass(G) All things must pass
 B   Baby, you're a rich man  Magical mistery tour 
   Back in the USSR The Beatles(White) 
   Birthday   The Beatles(White) 
   Beautiful Girl(G)  33E1/3 
   Being for the benefit of Mr.Kite!   Sgt. pepper's 
   Blue swede shoes(J)   Live peace in Toronto 
  C    Come together   Abbey Road 
   Christmas time only for fun 
   The continuing story of Bangallow Bill  The Beatles(White)  
   Cry, baby, cry The Beatles(White)   
   Child of Nature(Jealous Guy) The Beatles(White)    
   D     Dear Prudence The Beatles(White)  
   Dr.Robert  Revolver 
   Don't let me down Hey Jude 
   Drive my car  Rubber Soul 
   Dig a poney  Let it be 
   Ding dong, ding dong(G)  Dark Horse 
 E   Eight days a week   Beatles for sale 
  F    Flying   Magical mistery tour  
   Flying Hour(G) Somewhere in England 
   The fool on the hill   Magical mistery tour  
   Free as a bird   The beatles Anthology 
   For you blue  Let it be 
  G     Get back  Let it be 
   Glass onion  The Beatles(White) 
   Good moring, good morning  Sgt. pepper's 
   Got to get you into my life  Revolver 
   Good night The Beatles(White)  
   Give peace a chance(J)  Shave fish 
   God(J)   John Lennon 
   Give me some truth(J)   Imagine 
   Give me love(G)   The material World 
  H    Happiness is a warm gun  The Beatles(White) 
   Handle with care(G) The Traveling Wilburys' 
   Help!  Help! 
   Here comes the sun  Abbey Road 
   Hey, bulldog  Yellow submarine 
   Hello, good-bye  Magical mistery tour 
   Happy Christmas(J)  Shaved fish 
   Honey Pie The Beatles(White) 
  I     I am the walrus  Magical mistery tour 
   I'll be back  A hard days night 
   I don't want to spoil the party  Beatles for sale 
   I'm only sleeping  Revolver 
   If I fell  Beatles for sale 
   If I needed someone Rubber soul  
   I'm so tired  The Beatles(White) 
   In my life  Rubber soul 
   It won't be long  With the Bealtes 
   It's only love  Help! 
   I me mine Let it be 
   I live for you(G) All things must pass  
   It's all too much Yellow Submarine
   I want to tell you  Revolver 
   Imagine(J)  Imagine 
   It's so hard(J)  Imagine 
   Instant Karma(J)   Shaved fish 
   I know(J)   Mind games  
   Isn't it a pity(G) All things must pass 
   I am the greatest(R) Ringo 
   It don't come easy(R)  Ringo 
  J     Jealous guy(J)   Imagine 
   Junior's farm(P)    Wings greatest 
 K  King of the broken hearts(R) Vertical man 
  L     Lucy in th sky with diamonds   Sgt. pepper's 
   Let it be   Let it be 
   Lady madonna   Hey Jude 
   Love(J)    John Lennon 
   Love you to Revolver
   Luck of the Irish(J)  Sometimes in New York City 
   Let it roll(G)  All things must pass  
   Love is here(R)  Liverpool 8 
  M     Martha, my dear  The Beatles(White) 
   Money  With the Beatles 
   Maxell's silver hammer Abbey Road 
   Mind games(J)  Mind games 
   Mary had a little lamb(P)  Wild life 
   Mean Mr. Mustard Abbey Road 
  N     No Reply  Beatles for sale 
   Norwegian wood  Rubber soul 
   Nowhere man   Rubber soul 
   No more lonely nights(P)   Give my regards to Broad street 
   Nobody loves you(J)   Walls and bridges 
   Never without you(R)    Ringo Rama 
   The night before Help! 
  O     Oh! Daring  Abbey Road 
   Old Brown shoe  Hey Jude 
   One after 909  Let it be 
   Only a Northern Song  Yellow Submarine 
   Octopus's garden  Abbey Road 
   Ode to Coala(P)   Say,say,say 
   Oh! Yoko(J) Imagine 
   Out the blue(J)  Mind games 
   Oh, my love(J) Imagine 
  P    Penny Lane  Magical mistery tour 
   Please please me Please please me 
   Piggies The Beatles(White) 
   Polythen Pam  Abbey Road
   The pipes of peace(P)  Pipes of peace 
   Power to the people(J)  Shaved fish 
   Photograph(R) Ringo
  R     Rain  Hey Jude 
   Revolution  Hey Jude 
   Run for your life  Rubber sou 
   Real love(J)  The bealtes Anthology 2 
  S     Something  Abbey Road 
   Someplace else(G)  Cloud Nine 
   Savoy Truffle The Beatles(White) 
   Sexy Sadie  The Beatles(White) 
   Strawberry field's forever Magical mistery tour 
   She said, she said  Revolver 
   Sgt. Peppers(Reprise)  Sgt. Pepper's 
   Slipping sliding(J)   Rock and Roll 
   Starting over(J)   Dubble fantasy 
   Six O'clock Ringo 
   Sun King Abbey Road 
  T     Taxman   Revolver 
   Think for yourself  Rubber soul 
   Tomorrow never knows   Revolver 
   This is LOVE(G) Cloud Nine 
  V     Venus & Mars(P)  Venus and Mars 
   Valotte(J) Valotte 
  W     We can work it out   Oldies 
   While my guitar gently weeps   The Beatles(White) 
   When I' m sixty four   Sgt. pepper's 
   With a little help from my friends Sgt. pepper's 
   What goes on  Rubber soul 
   When we was fab(G)   Cloud nine 
   Watching the wheels(J)  Dubble fantasy 
   Walk with you(R) Y Not 
   Weight of the world(R) Time takes time 
  Y     Yer Blues  The Beatles(White) 
   You nevr give me your money  Abbey Road 
   Your mother should know  Mgical mistery tour 
   You won't see me  Rubber soul 
   You like me too much Help! 
   Yellow submarine Yellow submarine